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Sponding, your social media management hero!

Sponding simplifies Social media management / monitoring mission by giving you bottom up classifications and measurements about each single post, campaign and overall social media account.

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key features

Simple CRM

Take care about each user interaction (comment, post, message) with customization for VIP customers.

Easy Sync

Link multiple social accounts in a custom period of time with real time updates for all interactions.

Team Management

Invite your team members with multi roles and access levels, without granting them permissions at social media itself.


Each social interaction can be classified regarding to it's positivity and assigned to a particular team/agent.

Task Management

Each interaction is handled as a ticket with high level of flexibility with ticket assignment.

Notifications Module

Sponding notifies you about any interaction meets your own sensitive keywords, or taken by a VIP customer.

Campaign Management

Create multiple campaigns and refer posts to their campaigns with ability to ad custom policies and FAQ for each.

Reporting Module

Basic sentiment analysis reports, in addition to customized reports for each component of Social media CRM.

Sponding Makes SMM easier than you Think !

Join us and take your Social Media Management to the next level.